Fixed Odds Betting

Fixed Odds betting – Binary Options, fixed odds

The volatility of the market makes you actually wonder whether you would lose or gain, as the market movement is at times quite unpredictable. Fixed odds betting is one such financial tool which helps you to bet on the stock markets with no extremes – of losses or gains or margin calls.

The fixed odds betting has been in the financial market for quite a bit of time – in fact for eleven years but people have not yet understood, or are not yet familiar with the product and its utility. A Fixed odd bet is when you do get fixed amount back as pay off, when the predicted moment does happen within the specified time period.

This fixed odd bet can be betted upon the time periods of 1 minute to one year, such is the flexibility of the tool. Thus it’s a short term binary option, used by the traders to their advantage. If the predicted moment on which you have put your bet, does not occur then you would lose a fixed amount of your original stake. Fixed odds betting is even more varied than spread betting and its totally different from it. In fixed odd betting, you can bet on when the market is going up, or down, or when its not, or when its moving within a certain range.

You could also sell of your fixed odds bet, if you see that the bet is moving against you, so that you could recover and take profits before the expiration happens. This is one of the best binary option that you could resort to. Financial Fixed odds betting is one of the simple ways of trading in the financial stock markets.

These bets are easy to comprehend and are quite flexible and they possess transparency as well. When a novice or a new trader enters the financial market is slightly apprehensive of where to begin, then starting with the fixed odds betting is the most ideal way to trade. And on the other hand if you are quite a old trader then fixed odds betting would add value to your other financial tools.

Lot of traders have been seen using this binary option – and they combine spread betting and fixed odds to make profits.


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