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Getting into binary options trading is a process that should be approached very seriously. The decisions you make early on in your trading career could impact your future success. This is why it’s so important to start off trading with a good binary options broker that you can count on to help you grow and learn as a trader. If you’re looking for an options broker, AnyOption is well worth consideration.


AnyOption was founded in 2008, and is one of only a few first-generation binary options brokers still in operation today. As one of the pioneers of the binary options investment world, AnyOption has a strong commitment to helping new investors learn to trade these exciting options. This brokerage has also been a long-time driving force in the movement to help binary options achieve regular investment status through strict professional ethics and government regulatory compliance.

Because it has been around longer than most other brokers, AnyOption has also had the time and resources necessary to innovate. Rather than staying static, the platform has continued to develop to better meet the needs of binary options traders with enhanced features than go beyond standard “Call” and “Put” options. For more details on the features of the AnyOption platform, see the “Trading Software” section below.

Account Types

AnyOption offers several different types of accounts. The first account many people will open on AnyOption is actually a demo trading account, which can be used to learn the platform and execute real-time trades without any real money being involved. Even if you’re an experienced online trader, a demo account may be a good idea, as it will let you learn your way around the AnyOption user interface before you actually need to use it in a real trading scenario.

In the active accounts category, there are three different account types based on the amount of capital in an account. The first type, the Silver account, is for traders with £1,000 or more in their accounts. Next is Gold, for accounts of £5,000 or more, followed by a Platinum account for traders with £25,000 or more in investment capital. Each progressively higher account type offers its own perks, such as access to more advanced educational materials, withdrawal fee waivers, professional account management and increasingly higher maximum investments.

Educational Materials

As part of its commitment to help binary options expand and become more popular among the general public, AnyOption offers several different educational resources for traders of all experience levels. One of the most valuable of these learning tools is, of course the AnyOption demo account, which can be used to test everything from risk management strategies to analytical methods before implementing them in real-money trades. Also available are video lectures in the platform’s video academy and a complete binary options trading guide for beginners.

For traders with higher account types, there are even more useful resources. The Platinum account level offers by far the most value in this arena, as traders with that account type are given access to professional market analysis each and every day. The Gold account, however, does have its perks, as it offers access to more advanced video tutorials than are available for members with the Silver account.

Trading Software

AnyOption’s trading platform is built on a proprietary software intended to offer optimized trading functionality while at the same time remaining user-friendly, a balance which it pulls off relatively well. The basic trading interface, however, is only part of the story. AnyOption’s platform is loaded with features that make it easier than ever to customize binary options trades to be more in line with your personal investment strategy.

Among the most important feature AnyOption offers is its Live feature, a system which shows traders live data on positions other traders are opening. In a sense, the Live feature serves almost as a very limited social trading system, but without the advanced features of specialty social trading brokerages. Combined with the Trend feature, which shows users statistics on what positions other traders are opening on specific assets, the Live feature can be a valuable tool for determining the overall disposition of the market.

AnyOption’s platform also offers fairly advanced risk management features. Unlike some brokerages, which take all of the money put into a trade if it finishes out of the money, AnyOption lets investors choose lower returns in exchange for refunds on unsuccessful trades. At its maximum, this system can entitle a trader to a 25 percent refund on a trade that finishes out of the money. Even though the returns will be lower, this feature is still very useful for managing trading risk.

Another very useful feature of this trading platform is the Take Profit tool. Using this tool, traders can close out their positions ahead of the expiry time. This allows them to lock in profits when a trade is in the money, rather than having to wait for the position to expire, by which time it may be out of the money. Of course, exercising this option means that the profit will be lower, but it also means that it is guaranteed. For options that are trending to finish out of the money, traders can also use the Roll Forward feature, which will set their trade’s cutoff time to the next expiry hour.

Deposits and Withdrawals

To make deposits into an AnyOption account, traders can use a major credit or debit card or a direct bank transfer. Withdrawals may be conducted by the same methods. Withdrawal fees will apply, but will vary based on several factors, including your account type. Before making your first withdrawal, you will have to verify your identity with AnyOption.

Customer Support

AnyOption’s expert customer support staff can be reached by phone or email at any time. Well-trained representatives will be able to help you with any problems you may be having. In addition, a comprehensive FAQ section is provided to make it easy for traders to find simple answers to most common questions.

Bonuses and Promotions

As strong as AnyOption is in most other categories, it does fall flat in the area of bonuses and promotions. At the moment, AnyOption does not offer any ongoing bonuses or promotions.


AnyOption is committed to protecting the safety of its customers and their funds. The firm is fully regulated under the authority of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, making it subject to all European Union rules and regulations for financial institutions. The site also uses 128-bit SSL encryption and access firewalls to ensure that personal information and funds remain safe from hacking attempts.


Whether you are a first-time binary options trader or a more experienced trader looking to upgrade to a better brokerage, AnyOption has a great deal to offer. Its excellent educational materials and broad platform features make it one of the better sites for those who want to take their trading to the next level. Combine these advantages with a long history of providing excellent service to binary options traders, and AnyOption comes out as one of the top trading brokerages out there.


  • Great educational resources
  • Lots of advanced trading features
  • High-quality security


  • No current bonuses
  • Fees on withdrawals with lower-level accounts
  • No live chat customer support


up to 100%

no Deposit Bonus

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