Binary Options Builder

Your guide to Binary Options Builder

While working with us, you will come across many features and helping tools that are aimed to make to your trading is not just convenient but a hell lot of fun. In this regard, the Binary Options Builder tool is of much importance. We understand completely that different people have different choices and preferences and therefore the Options Builder tool helps you customize your trade settings and tailor make it for your convenience. Seeing it’s effectively, this comparatively new trading tool platform is gaining a lot of popularity amongst different traders. One thing that is ascertained here that is, this tool proves better for seasoned traders who already because of their experience know the markets well. The tool helps them to create their individual niches and trading styles and patterns by letting them is more flexible in their choices. 

With builder options get complete freedom to trade as per your strategies

The main thing that makes this Trading options builder tool so interesting and advantageous is that with this you are at the free end to use your own trading tactics and strategies without any boundations from the site. You are free to inculcate your knowledge and synopsis for the market and devise your strategies. 

You are in a position to set the expiry time and your set risk level according to your market trend analysis. Unlike the normal process when these are preset, by using the options builder tool you can set these values for the expiry period, risk level you wish to trade with and also the choice of the assets that you would deal with. It is important here to note that a thorough knowledge of the binary trade system and the general trends in the stock markets is mandatory if you wish to be a profit gained by using this tool.

The first few steps are very crucial from the point of view that all other decisions and trade results depend on these. The basic things that you need to do is that you make a selection as to what would be the asset for the trade and also how much do you wish to invest. After doing this much, your task is to simply predict if the value of the asset will rise or fall in the chose expiry period.  If you predict that the prices would increase, click on CALL or if you predict a lowering of prices, click on PUT. It is always better to protect your input from high risk and choosing a 50% profit with an insurance of 30% is ideal.

Get a maximum profit from the trade with a maximum level flexibility!

The level of flexibility that you get in binary option s trading after using the Option Builder tool is phenomenal. You are not bound to obey the fixed expiry rate or risk value and can alter them to best fit your trade practices and market analysis. 

More terms

  • Go for asset selection
  • Within a window of four hours of placing the trade, choose the expiry time.
  • Click on the drop down menu to decide your risk level for the trade.
  • If you think the price would rise, click on CALL and otherwise click on PUT.
  • Mark the investment and click on APPLY to start the trade.


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