Published by admin | 03-01-2018

Oil Prices Rally After Friday Losses

Following a Friday price loss of 2.5 percent, oil investors experienced a weekend marked by considerable uncertainty. As of early trading on Monday, however, the price of a barrel of light, sweet crude had already risen by 0.7 percent, making up for some of the losses at the end of the last trading week. In […]

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Goldman Sachs
Published by admin | 07-12-2017

Goldman Sachs Faces Backlash on Venezuela Bond Purchase

Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs has come under extreme pressure in recent days for its decision to buy a large amount of Venezuelan sovereign debt. The company, which manages assets of various kinds around the world, purchased £2.2 billion ($2.8 billion) worth of bonds issued by the Venezuelan government of President Nicholas Maduro, who assumed […]

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Marvin Goodfriend
Published by admin | 07-11-2017

Marvin Goodfriend Eyed for Fed Board

According to internal sources first cited in a New York Times report, US President Donald Trump has significantly narrowed down his options for filling two upcoming vacancies in the seven-member board of the United Stated Federal Reserve. The top pick for one seat is Randal Quarles, while the presumed favorite for the other is Marvin Goodfriend, a […]

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Published by admin | 07-07-2017

New Report Shows Slowing in Indian Economy

Despite still being one of the fastest-growing emerging market economies in the world, India’s growth may be slowing, according to new projections. A new report released regarding economic growth in 2016 showed that Indian GDP growth was only 7.1 percent, compared to nearly 8 during the previous year. Many have attributed this decline to the […]

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