One Touch Binary Options

What are One Touch Binary Options?

There are many of us today who are keenly interested in trading stocks or binary trading for that matter. In binary trading, One Touch Binary Options trading is one of the topmost choices by traders all over the world, especially in Forex markets and the commodity markets. There is a slight difference in such trading and the conventional stock market trading. For traders who are pretty about the market trends in the stocks, that is if the value of the stocks would increase or decrease after the given time interval but are not sure about for how long will there be sustenance in the increased rates. You can trade on the weekends on the markets close down and there are excellent payout options. 

Get returns of upto 500% on your input

Talking of big money, one touch options give you the excellent chance to earn huge fortune in no time. There are lucrative options for you to get a payback of almost 500% on your initial inputs in the trade. However, just as the rewards are so good, the task is also demanding as trading in one touch Binary options are a little more difficult and challenging when compared with the conventional Binary trading system available with us. 

Our job as a one touch binary options trader is to attain a particular pre-set value for an asset. What is different here is that you do not simply predict which way the stock goes, that is already set for you in the chosen asset. Also, your target price is fixed along with the direction of movement for a particular set of assets.

Your basic job as the trader here is to decide whether or not the prediction made by the site managers or other traders is correct. This would be clearer using the following example. If for a particular set of currencies, EUR/USD, the quote closes at 1.35460 on the coming Friday, there are two predictions made by the site. If you think that the value for the quote for EUR/USD will increase by the end or at least reach the value once, you CALL for it. In the opposite situation when you predict that this is not likely to happen and the value would reduce at least once in the week, all you need to do is that PUT the quote. 

To be ‘in the money’, ONE Touch is enough!

Another important difference between this form of trade and the conventional standard Binary options is that in the former you need not wait for the defined expiry time to get over. What it means is that just when the price quoted reaches the underlying bench mark, either increase or decrease from the current value, your profit is ensured. This is very beneficial for traders who are always on the go and want to earn a lot of profit in a very less time.

Some additional terms that you must know

  • First and foremost, you can purchase one touch option stocks only during the weekends that are when the main markets remain shut. You can begin purchasing the stocks from Saturday Midnight at 12 till the 19:00 Hours on Sunday. The other five days you can deal with the standard Options, that is from Monday 12:00AM to Friday upto 17:10 Hours.
  • They need to purchase in the same units of prices/ currencies as mentioned on the site and are according to the set values by the Reuters.
  • Although the core profit is made before the expiry period, the profit amount is transferred to your account on completion of the period.


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